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NPC Bodybuilding Categories and Divisions: A Complete Guide

NPC Bodybuilding Categories and Divisions: A Complete Guide

The National Physique Committee (NPC) holds a position, as one of the regarded and widely recognized bodybuilding organizations in the United States. Athletes with various backgrounds participate in NPC bodybuilding competitions showcasing their work and commitment on stage.

To ensure fairness and healthy competition the NPC offers a range of categories and divisions tailored to body types experience levels and goals. In this blog post, we will explore the categories within NPC bodybuilding including an overview of weight classes, types of bodybuilding competitions, and competition categories, as well as distinguish between novice and true novice divisions.

What are the categorizations for weight in NPC bodybuilding?

Unlike sports that adhere to weight classes such as powerlifting or weightlifting; bodybuilding competitions within the NPC are categorized into divisions based on factors like height, age, and level of experience. Of weight classes competitors are grouped into various divisions based on their physique and other relevant criteria.

NPC Bodybuilding

What are the four primary types of bodybuilding?

NPC bodybuilding encompasses four types of competitions that cater to physique goals and fitness objectives. These include:

  • Men’s Bodybuilding Division: This category is meant for bodybuilders who have previously participated in competitions. It welcomes athletes of all ages. Provides a platform for competitors to display their physique on stage.  This division emphasizes attributes, like muscularity, symmetry, and overall physique development.
  • Novice Division: The novice division is specifically created for individuals who are new, to NPC bodybuilding competitions and have never competed before. The competition provides an opportunity for newcomers to get a taste of what it’s like to compete.
  • Age Categories: Some NPC competitions have categories based on age, such, as Teen, Masters (for those over 40, 50, or 60), and Grand Masters (for those over 70). These categories enable athletes to compete against others in their age group.
  • True Novice Division: The true novice division is specifically designed for competitors who have never ranked in the five of any NPC contest. It’s a step below the novice division. Offers an even more beginner friendly experience.

What sets the novice and true novice NPC divisions apart?

The main distinction between the novice and true novice divisions lies in the level of experience among competitors:

  • Novice Division: The novice division is meant for athletes who are new to NPC bodybuilding competitions but may have participated in contests before. It’s open to athletes who have never won a title in an NPC contest or placed in the three, in a national-level NPC contest.
  • True Novice Division: The true novice division is specifically intended for beginners who have never placed within the five of any NPC contest. This category allows beginners to gain experience in a setting, without going up against seasoned athletes.

NPC Competition

NPC Bodybuilding Summary

NPC bodybuilding competitions offer a range of categories and divisions to accommodate athletes at all skill levels and with physique goals. Unlike weight classes NPC bodybuilding groups competitors based on their physique, age, and experience level. The four main types of bodybuilding are men’s bodybuilding, women’s bodybuilding, men’s physique, and women’s physique, each focusing on varying levels of muscle development and aesthetics.

In NPC bodybuilding competitions athletes can opt to participate in categories such as divisions, age specific divisions, novice divisions, and true novice divisions. The difference between the novice and true novice divisions is based on the competitors prior experience in NPC contests.

Overall NPC bodybuilding provides a competitive platform for bodybuilders to showcase their commitment, work, and love, for the sport regardless of their experience level or physical goals.